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557-v2 Protons and Electrons in the IDS Front-End Juan C Gallardo et al. Ionization Cooling
World design study
10 Sep 2010
553-v1 An ongoing study to test a YBCO HTS magnet at fields Harold G Kirk et al. Magnets
Ionization Cooling
15 Jun 2010
546-v2 Studies toward a Candidate IDS Neutrino Factory Front-End Configuration David V Neuffer Front End
World design study
18 Feb 2010
543-v1 Open Cavity Cooling Lattice for the Muon Collider Pavel V Snopok et al. Ionization Cooling
05 Oct 2009
539-v2 Thoughts on Incorporating HPRF in a Linear Cooling Channel Juan C Gallardo et al. Front End
22 Aug 2009
536-v1 Muon Collider Progress Robert B Palmer Ionization Cooling
High Field Solenoid
Conference paper
15 May 2009
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