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Comparison of Deflection Measurements to FEA Modeling for Muon Cooling Channel RF Cavity Windows

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John Urish
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06 Apr 2000, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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The cooling channel for a muon collider or neutrino source may utilize thin beryllium windows situated between cells of RF cavities. The windows for an 805 MHz design are composed of 16 cm diameter circular foils of 127 micron thickness. These windows undergo significant ohmic heating from RF power, and displace out of plane. This displacement causes the cavities to detune, and must be controlled. In order to evaluate different window designs, an FEA model was created in ANSYS, and this model was correlated to windows tested in the laboratory. Since the beryllium windows that are to be used in the cooling channel are brazed, they are under some amount of pre-stress. This stress makes validation of the FEA model difficult, so aluminum windows of the same size and shape were created with no pre-stress. These windows were tested with a halogen bulb that created a temperature distribution similar to that derived from RF heating. Deflection measurements from the aluminum test windows were compared to those for analagous FEA models. In general, agreement between model and physical test was good, with deflection measurements falling within 10% of those predicted by FEA.

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N. Hartman, D. Li, D. Turler, J. N. Corlett
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