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Double Field Flip Cooling Channel for Neutrino Factory (front-end simulation)

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Double Field Flip Cooling Channel for Neutrino Factory (front-end simulation)



Results of front-end simulation of a cooler for neutrino factory are presented.
Precooling part is similar to that described before. The cooling channel of 217 m
length consists of 3 solenoids with almost uniform magnetic field, and 2 special
fast field-flip sections. The 1st flip is performed at relatively small field 3 T
to weaken a perturbation of longitudinal motion. Then the field increases
adiabatically, and the 2nd field flip is performed at 7 T. Maximal magnetic field
on the coil is 8 T. Slow acceleration is used to decrease the particle loss due to
growth of longitudinal emittance at the cooling. Transmission of the cooling channel
is about 75%, transverse and longitudinal emittances of the cooled beam are 2.1 mm
and 75 mm. With 16 GeV proton driver and carbon target, the system provides 0.1 muon
per incident proton.

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