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Mighty MURINEs: Neutrino Physics at Very High Energy Muon Colliders

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MuCool Note
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John Urish
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John Urish
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03 May 2000, 12:00
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03 May 2000, 12:00
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03 May 2000, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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An overview is given of the potential for neutrino physics studies through
parasitic use of the intense high energy neutrino beams that would be produced
at future many-TeV muon colliders. Neutrino experiments clearly cannot compete
with the collider physics. Except at the very highest energy muon colliders,
the main thrust of the neutrino physics program would be to improve on the
measurements from preceding neutrino experiments at lower energy muon
colliders, particularly in the fields of B physics, quark mixing and CP
violation. Muon colliders at the 10 TeV energy scale might already produce of
order 10^8 B hadrons per year in a favorable and unique enough experimental
environment to have some analytical capabilities beyond any of the currently
operating or proposed B factories. The most important of the quark mixing
measurements at these energies might well be the improved measurements of the
important CKM matrix elements |V_ub| and |V_cb| and, possibly, the first
measurements of |V_td| in the process of flavor changing neutral current
interactions involving a top quark loop. Muon colliders at the highest
center-of-mass energies that have been conjectured, 100--1000 TeV, would
produce neutrino beams for neutrino-nucleon interaction experiments with
maximum center-of-mass energies from 300--1000 GeV. Such energies are
comparable to the 314 GeV center-of-mass energy for electron-proton scattering
at the HERA collider, but the luminosity would would be several orders of
magnitude larger. This would potentially open up the possibility for high
statistics studies of any exotic particles, such as leptoquarks, that might
have been previously discovered at these energy scales.
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B.J. King (BNL)
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23 pages, 7 figures. Submitted to Proc. HEMC'99 Workshop.
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