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Magnetic Systems for Four Channels of Neutrino Factory

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23 Jun 2000, 12:00
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Magnetic Systems for Four Channels of Neutrino Factory

I.Bogdanov, S.Kozub, V.Pleskach, P.Shcherbakov, V.Sytnik, L.Tkachenko,

Institute for High Energy Physics (IHEP), Protvino, Moscow region,
142284, Russia

The goal of this note was to come out with a preliminary layout of a
magnetic system for the solenoidal channels required in a Neutrino
Factory Front End and make a preliminary cost estimate as a starting
point to a more elaborated analysis. Further we will explore
the channels in more details that will come out at the stage of a
technical proposal. Some optimization was made at this early stage to
choose a proper range of initial parameters to consider. The main
parameter of optimization was the total cost of all the four channels
that also included operation expenditures although reliability issues
have also been taken into account. For each channel initial requirements were stated, magnetic calculations
were made to provide
us with a reasonable range of a solenoid parameters to start
optimization with, some optimization was done when it was possible, and
cost estimate was made based on our experience, available material and
labor costs. Finally the study should help defining an R&D program.

During the Fermilab study several aspect came up which had severe impact
on the final design and after all can only be answered by an appropriate
R&D program. Especially for the high field cooling channel with
comparatively short period length the achievable current density
proposed in this study exceeds the usual engineering limits by almost a
factor of two. While techncial feasibility yet has to be demonstrated,
the study explains the basis for the assumptions being made here. It
also becomes obvious that presently used current densites, if they have
to be applied, will exceed any feasible financial limit unless the
geometry of the coils will change completely.
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I.Bogdanov, S.Kozub, V.Pleskach, P.Shcherbakov, V.Sytnik, L.Tkachenko,V.Zubko
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