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Neutrino Factories: Physics

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Title: Neutrino Factories: Physics
Authors: Steve Geer (Fermilab)
Comments: 21 pages, 4 figures
Report-no: FERMILAB-Pub-00/195-T
Journal-ref: Submitted to Comments on Nuclear and Particle Physics
The recent evidence for neutrino oscillations opens a new
and exciting era in neutrino physics. The next generation
of accelerator based
neutrino oscillation experiments are expected to confirm
the nature of the oscillations, and begin to measure some of the associated
oscillation parameters. However, these experiments will not be able
to completely determine the mixing matrix, determine the pattern of
neutrino masses, or search for CP violation in the lepton sector.
Therefore we are motivated to consider the neutrino beams that will be
needed beyond the next generation of experiments.
With this in mind the physics case for a neutrino factory is discussed.
It is shown that this new type of neutrino source would enable the
crucial questions to be addressed, and perhaps provide enough information
to discriminate between Grand Unified Theories, or lead us to an
alternative theoretical framework. It is possible that measurements at
a neutrino factory will point the way towards
an understanding of the origin of quark and lepton flavors.

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Steve Geer
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Comments on Nuclear and Particle Physics
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