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Bent Solenoid Simulations for the Muon Cooling Experiment

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John Urish
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29 Aug 2000, 12:00
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M. A. Green, LBNL, Y. M. Eyssa, S. Kenney, J. R. Miller, S. Prestemon, NHMFL

The muon collider captures pions using solenoidal fields. The pion are converted to muons as they are bunched in an RF phase rotation system. Solenoids are used to focus the muons as their emitance is reduced during cooling. Bent solenoids are used to sort muons by momentum. This report describes a bent solenoid system that is part of a proposed muon cooling experiment. The superconducting solenoid described in this report consists of a straight solenoid that is 1.8 m long, a bent solenoid that is 1.0 m to 1.3 m long and a second straight solenoid that is 2.6 m long. The bent solenoid bends the muons over an angle of 57.3 degrees (1 radian). The bent solenoid has a minor coil radius (to the center of the coil) that is 0.24 m and a major radius (of the solenoid axis) of 1.0 m. The central induction along the axis is 3.0 T There is a dipole that generates an induction of 0.51 T, perpendicular to the plane of the bend, when the induction on the bent solenoid axis is 3.0 T.

This paper will be published in Advances in Cryogenic Engineering 45 (1999)

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M. A. Green, LBNL Y. M. Eyssa, S. Kenney, J. R. Miller and W. Pretemon, NHMFL
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