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A Design for a Combined Function Superconducting Dipole for a Muon Collider FFAG Accelerator

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John Urish
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29 Aug 2000, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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A DESIGN FOR A COMBINED FUNCTION SUPERCONDUCTING DIPOLE FOR A MUON COLLIDER FFAG ACCELERATOR M. A. Green, LBNL The acceleration stages for a muon collider require that the muons be accelerated within a given ring in fewer than twenty turns. One type of accelerator that appears to be attractive for a synchrotron that accelerates the muon a factor of four in energy in a few turns is the Fixed Field Alternating Gradient (FFAG) type of accelerator. As the energy of the muon beam increases, the muons move toward a higher field region of a DC combined function dipole. The following dipole and quadrupole magnet characteristics are required for a muon FFAG machine to be successful: 1) The dipole will be a fixed field dipole with an impressed quadrupole and sextupole field. There may or may not be separate quadrupoles that may or may not have added sextupole windings. 2) The horizontal aperture of the required good field region is wider than the vertical aperture of the required good field region. 3) The magnet is relatively short, so that the conventional SSC type of superconducting dipole or quadrupole ends can not be used. The field at the end of the magnet must fall off abruptly within the distance of less than one vertical aperture. For a magnet that is 400 mm long, the end region can be no more than 80 mm long. 4) The structure of the integrated field within the end region must be the same as the structure of the two-dimensional filed at the center of the magnet. A very preliminary design concept for a FFAG combined function dipole is presented in this paper. Published Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. No. 167 p 1203 (1999)
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M. A. Green, LBNL
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