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Beam Collimation System for a 16 GeV Proton Driver

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John Urish
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John Urish
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14 Sep 2000, 12:00
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A.I. Drozhdin, C.J. Johnstone and N.V. Mokhov, Fermilab

Beam Collimation System for a 16 GeV Proton Driver


It is shown that with the appropriate lattice and collimation design,
one can control beam loss in the 16~GeV Fermilab Proton Driver.
Based on detailed Monte-Carlo simulations, a 3-stage collimation system
is proposed which consists of primary, secondary and supplementary
collimators located in a special 60~m long injection section along with
a painting system. It allows localization of more than 99\% of beam loss
to this section with only a 0.3~W/m (on average) beam loss rate in the rest
of the machine. As a result, beam loss and induced radiation effects
in lattice elements can be reduced to levels which are defined as acceptable.

Proc. of Beam Halo and Scraping ICFA Workshop, Lake Como, Wisconsin,
September 13-15, 1999, Fermilab-Conf-00/185 (2000), pp. 118-123;
Fermilab-Conf-00/194 (2000)

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A.I. Drozhdin, C.J. Johnstone and N.V. Mokhov
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Beam Halo and Scraping ICFA Workshop,Fermilab-Conf-00/194 (2000)
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