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Particle Yield and Radiation Fields in Feasibility Study-2 Target Capture System

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23 Feb 2001, 12:00
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Detailed MARS14(2000) simulations have been performed for the optimized
Study-2 target-capture system configuration of the beginning of
February 2001. A 24 GeV kinetic energy proton beam (sigma_x =
sigma_y = 1.5 mm, sigma_z = 3 ns, 67 mrad) on a 5 mm radius mercury
jet tilted by 100 mrad, which is ejected from the nozzle at z=-45 cm,
crosses the z-axis at z=-15 cm and hits a mercury pool at z=234 cm,
x=-25 cm. Results for two runs, 400000 protons on target each,
are available in the form of files at z=18.62 m and nice color plots.
Additionaly, a file of particles crossing the R=1.6 m surface at
-2 < z < 36 m is also available for the radiation shielding calculations.
Energy deposition distribution in the mercury jet is also available
in graphical and numerical forms. Total power dissipation in the jet
at -45 < z < 20 cm is 99.822 kW for 6 bunches at 2.5 Hz and 1.7e13 ppb.

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