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The Effects of Different Cooling Materials and Windows

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John Urish
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20 Feb 2002, 12:00
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20 Feb 2002, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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Revision # 1

The Effects of Different Cooling Materials and Windows

R. B.~Palmer, R.~Fernow, J.~Gallardo
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, New York, 11973

The present revision is different from the
previous one in that we now include the effect of the rise in beta's as a
function of distance, both in the absorbers and in their windows. These
effects are smallish, but are much less for the LiH which is thinner, than
for He or hydrogen.
With this added, the "agreement" is better between calculations of cooling rates and those from the simulations of a full lattice.

The equilibrium emittances and rates of cooling are calculated for different materials, windows and foils. A comparison with ICOOL shows that these calculations give good estimates of simulated cooling in a given lattice. Assuming that the use of hydrogen will require a second safety window twice as thick as the containment window, then it is shown that the performance of hydrogen is almost the same as helium with no such safety window, and very little better than that with lithium hydride and no containment.

ICOOL simulations are shown for the full Study~2 cooling channel. The addition of the safety window reduces the ${\mu \over p}$ ratio by 9\%. The use of helium (without safety window), or LiH (with no window), both give about 5\% less cooling than that for hydrogen with a safety window.

It is also shown that grids of tubes (80\% coverage) with 25~$\mu$m (1 mil) aluminum walls would give the same scattering as the Study~2 beryllium windows.

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Posted by Juan C. Gallardo

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R.B. Palmer, R. Fernow, Juan C. Gallardo
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