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A Pion Production Target with Internal Focusing Field

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John Urish
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John Urish
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24 Mar 1999, 12:00
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24 Mar 1999, 12:00
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07 Nov 2010, 15:13
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Standard pion production targets are widely in use for neutrino experiments and consist of materials with a high atomic mass number for short nuclear interaction length embedded in a so called 'horn'. Such a horn focuses the largely divergent pion beam, which has a large energy spread from the target to the experiment. Usually the acceptance of these horns is less than 10-3 ?*m*rad and the spot size at the exit of the order of 10 cm and more in radius. In the present baseline design of a muon collider , a target with a much higher pion yield has to be build which means higher beam power on target as well as larger acceptance. The acceptance for this target design is 2x10-2 ?*m*rad to achieve enough pions for collider operation with muons. A muon cooling experiment, presently under consideration at Fermilab, on the other hand, would mainly be interested in high pion yield per pulse rather than in large number of muons per unit time. This paper describes a pion production target which has a strong focusing field in the target itself and could be more suitable for such an experiment. The advantage is the smaller emittance one would get from this kind of target. Similar target ideas have been tested and build at CERN for Anti-proton production where significant experience has been for different materials construction techniques .

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