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Muon Acceleration using FFAG Rings

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John Urish
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John Urish
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19 Nov 2004, 12:00
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19 Nov 2004, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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Given their 2.2 microsecond lifetime, muons must be accelerated fairly
rapidly for a neutrino factory or muon collider. Muon bunches tend to
be large. Progress in fixed field, alternating gradient (FFAG) lattices
to meet this challenge is reviewed. FFAG magnets are naturally wide;
low momentum muons move from the low field side of a gradient magnet to
the high field side as they gain energy. This can be exploited to do
double duty and allow a large beam admittance without unduly increasing
the magnetic field volume. If the amount of RF must be reduced to
optimize cost, an FFAG ring can accommodate extra orbits. I describe
both scaling FFAGs in which the bends in each magnet are energy
independent and non-scaling FFAGs in which the bends in each magnet do
vary with muon energy. In all FFAG designs the sum of the bends in
groups of magnets are constant; otherwise orbits would not close. Ways
of keeping the accelerating beam in phase with the RF are described.
Finally, a 1 MeV proof of principle scaling FFAG has been built at KEK
and began accelerating protons in June 2000 with a 1 kHz repetition

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DPF2004 Proceedings
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