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6D Muon Ionization Cooling with an Inverse Cyclotron

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John Urish
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John Urish
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26 Sep 2005, 12:00
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26 Sep 2005, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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6D Muon Ionization Cooling with an Inverse Cyclotron

D. J. Summers, S. B. Bracker, L. M. Cremaldi, R. Godang, R. B. Palmer

A large admittance sector cyclotron filled with LiH wedges surrounded by
helium or hydrogen gas is explored. Muons are cooled as they spiral
adiabatically into a central swarm. As momentum approaches zero, the momentum
spread also approaches zero. Long bunch trains coalesce. Energy loss is used
to inject the muons into the outer rim of the cyclotron. The density of
material in the cyclotron decreases adiabatically with radius. The sector
cyclotron magnetic fields are transformed into an azimuthally symmetric
magnetic bottle in the center. Helium gas is used to inhibit muonium
formation by positive muons. Deuterium gas is used to allow captured negative
muons to escape via the muon catalyzed fusion process. The presence of ionized
gas in the center may automatically neutralize space charge. When a bunch
train has coalesced into a central swarm, it is ejected axially with an
electric kicker pulse.

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D. J. Summers, S. B. Bracker,
L. M. Cremaldi, R. Godang, R. B. Palmer
Publication Information:
COOL05 Conference Paper,
AIP Conf. Proc.
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