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Ionization Cooling in all Phase Space Planes with Various Absorber Shapes, Including Parallel-Faced Absorbers

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John Urish
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J Scott Berg
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29 Jul 2006, 12:00
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29 Jul 2006, 12:00
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17 Oct 2006, 09:48
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Ionization cooling in a straight beamline reduces the transverse emittance of a
beam, and has little effect on the longitudinal emittance (generally, in fact,
it increases the longitudinal emittance). Once the beamline bends, the
introduction of dispersion creates a coupling between the transverse and
longitudinal planes. If this coupling is handled properly, one can achieve
cooling in all three phase space planes. This is usually done by placing a
wedge-shaped absorber in a region where there is dispersion. I will
demonstrate using an eigenvalue analysis that there are other configurations of
dispersion and absorber shape that will achieve ionization cooling in all phase
space planes. In particular, I will show that a one can even achieve cooling
in all phase planes with a parallel-faced absorber in a dispersion-free region.
I will use perturbation theory to approximate the change in the cooling rates
due to longitudinal-transverse coupling. I will then describe how the cooling
of longitudinal oscillations can be understood via the projection of the
"longitudinal" eigenmodes into the transverse plane.

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J. Scott Berg
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Submitted to Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A; BNL-76794-2006-JA
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