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Lattice of a 30-GeV/c Muon Storage Ring at Fermilab for Neutrino Experiments

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Lattice of a 30-GeV/c Muon Storage Ring at Fermilab for Neutrino

Sho Ohnuma

August 1999

Abstract (written by David Finley for Sho Ohnuma)

Several design issues for a racetrack shaped 30 GeV/c muon storage ring
for a neutrino beam are considered. Arcs with 60 degrees phase advance
per cell are compared to arcs with 90 degrees phase advance per cell.
The tune dependence on the momentum of the two cases is compared, but
tracking remains to be done. The ring is in a plane which is tilted at
35 degrees down from the horizontal. The optics of the neutrino
production straight are such that the muon beam divergence does not
contribute significantly to the neutrino beam divergence. An injection
system is presented with specific magnet design parameters. Realistic
superconducting arc magnets combined with a geological constraint
specific to Fermilab result in an upper limit of 25% of the total
circumference being available for the neutrino decay straight section.
Remarks on the use of superconducting magnets, conventional magnets and
combined function magnets are given. Much more work remains and a list
of some of it is given.

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Sho Ohnuma
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