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An Example Removing Bucking Coils from a Super-FOFO Lattice

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The purpose of bucking coils in Super-FOFO lattices is to force the
magnetic field on axis to become small in between the focussing coils.
An alternate design of the Super-FOFO lattice is to accomplish the
same goal by changing the symmetry of the lattice, so the midpoint
between any adjacent coils would always be an odd point of symmetry.
This new design is here called the RFOFO lattice. Here, an example
of a 10 T Super-FOFO generated by Eun-San Kim has been altered to
become an RFOFO, for simplicity with the same RF configuration and the
same lattice period. The result is a slightly lower rate of cooling
due to a larger beta function at the absorber. The lattice period is
then increased by about 10%, by stretching the interval where the RF
is situated, and the resulting lattice exhibits cooling similar to
that of the original Super-FOFO case.

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