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Comparison of the performance of 3.4 T FoFo and 6.3 T. SFoFo channels simulated in ICOOL and DPGean

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John Urish
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John Urish
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09 Dec 1999, 12:00
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09 Dec 1999, 12:00
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09 Dec 1999, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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The performance of the 129 . m. long 3.4T FoFo channel has been calculated
using ICOOL and DPGeant. After some work, the two codes were found to agree
within anticipated systematic errors. A final 2D normalized emittance of $1920
\pm 50 \pm 200 \, \pi \, mm. \, mRad. $ can be reached, starting from an
emittance of $8000 \pm 190 \, \pi \, mm. \, mRad. $ The non-decay loss is $11
\pm 1 \pm 2 $. The systematic error comes from uncertainties in the straggling
model, coupled to multiple scattering, and detailed final cut. The final
invariant 6D is $93.2 \, {\pi \, mm}^3$, starting from $842 \, {\pi \, mm}^3$.
If the final beam is scraped based on the transverse amplitude in order to
reach an final transverse emittance of $ \approx 1500 \, \pi \, mm. \, mRad. $,
about 80 \% of the initial beam is kept. Remaining minor differences between
the two codes are described. A more realistic (e.g. thicker windows) version of
this channel gives a final transverse emittance of $2950 \pm 75 \pm 200 \, \pi
\, mm. \, mRad. $. The detailed comparison between the 6.6 T SFoFo channel in
the two codes revealed further small inaccuracies in the tracking, probably
due to small differences in the magnetic field map, and the r.f. magnetic
field. Given the lattice instabilities of this channel, such small differences
do have a big impact on performance, however, after tuning the channel and the codes ad nauseam we have achieved agreement. In ICOOL, a 6D emittance reduction
(initial over final) of .73 is obtained, compared with 0.76 in DPGeant. Further checks on the sensitivy to the magnetic field description
are in progress.

Revision 1:
The DPGeant 6.6 T SFoFo now agrees wiht ICOOL, after bug fix in geometry and
numerical improvements of the field map representation (in both codes)

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Paul Lebrun, Jocelyn Monroe, Greg Penn
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