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Pi/2 Interleaved Cavity Developments for the Muon Collider Cooling Experment

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MuCool Note
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John Urish
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John Urish
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09 Nov 1998, 12:00
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09 Nov 1998, 12:00
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09 Nov 1998, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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In this paper we discuss the development of a p/2 interleaved standing
wave linac for the proposed muon cooling experiment. The nominal beam momentum
is 186 MeV/c (beta=0.87). Each muon cooling channel section contains a
1.3m rf accelerating linac separated by 0.64m of liquid hydrogen absorbers
immersed in a alternating superconducting solenoidal magnetic transport
line. Instead of conventional open cavity beam apertures, the 805 MHz linacs
have thin Be windows covering the iris apertures. The accelerating cavities
closely resemble pillbox cavities and have little or no field enhancement
due to iris aperture corners. Further, since the peak field is on the axis,
the shunt impedance is about a factor 2 larger than conventional designs.
It is also proposed to cool the cavity to liquid nitrogen temperature to
reduce the losses and increase the shunt impedance. Our p/2 interleaved
cavity design is essentially two chains of side coupled p/2 cavities interleaved
to form a continuous chain of accelerating cells on the beam axis. Each
accelerating cell has a phase advance of p/2 and, therefore, a favorable
transit time factor. This paper will discuss the design of the cavity,
MAFIA calculations, low-power rf model cavity measurements, low-temperature
effects with Be windows, design of high-power rf test models and a proposed
high-power rf test facility.

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A. Moretti, J.N. Corlett, D. LI, W.C. Turner,H.G. Kirk, R. B. Palmer, and Y. Zhao.
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Linac 98
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