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Proposal for a Beryllium Window Test in the A0 Area

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19 Nov 1998, 12:00
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Norbert Holtkamp
Beams Division
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Proposal for a Beryllium Window Test in the A0 Area

1. Introduction

The use of beryllium windows is one of the most critical issues to be tested in the
experimental set-up for the muon cooling experiment. The windows are used to enhance
the accelerating field on axis by closing the diaphragm in the iris and making Epeak ? Eacc ,
which is especially desirable in the muon cooling channel because gradients as high as
35 MV/m are used. If this concept for some reason fails, the only possibility would be to
increase the Peak power by almost a factor of four to come up with a comparable
accelerating field.
The test of beryllium in an environment with high electromagnetic field, during vacuum
conditioning, breakdown, field emission etc is therefore one of the critical subjects to be
studied in a dedicated test facility with original size beryllium windows (16 cm diam.) in
Lab G. Nevertheless, the set-up of this test Lab will not be finished before summer next
year and more immediate studies should be started as soon as possible. In order to come
up with reasonable R & D steps performed in the near future a schedule has been
discussed among the muon cooling collaboration at Fermilab to start immediately.

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