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Synchronizing the Proton Beam RF with the Muon Cooling RF

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John Urish
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John Urish
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20 Mar 2000, 12:00
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20 Mar 2000, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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A proposed site for the MUCOOL experiment uses the Fermilab
8 GeV Booster proton beam to generate muons which are used
to probe the cooling parameters of the ionization cooling
channel. The cooling channel consists of liquid hydrogen
absorbers interspersed with 200 MHz or 805 MHz RF
accelerating cavities. In the experiment's original
conception, these frequencies of the cooling RF are not
harmonics of the 52 MHz Booster beam and the produced muons
randomly hit the 5% acceptance of the cooling RF, leading
to a 5% capture efficiency. We propose that the Booster
harmonic number be lowered to reduce the Booster RF
frequency such that the cooling RF becomes its harmonic.
Then, by phase locking the two RF systems and also making
the bunches short in time, one can improve the fraction of
muons which fall within the acceptance of the cooling
channel. To the extent that short proton bunches can be
made and short muon bunch structure preserved, RF
synchronization can improve the fraction of muons in the RF
acceptance window of the cooling channel. This can improve
the rate of good events at least by a factor of 16 for the
200 MHz channel or a factor of 4 for the 805 MHz channel.
Methods for producing short proton bunches and preserving
short muon bunches are discussed. The needed equipment to
allow cycle-to-cycle changes in the Booster harmonic number
is discussed.

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