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New Design of Alternate Solenoid Cooling Channel for Neutrino Factory

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John Urish
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John Urish
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21 Mar 2000, 12:00
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14 Sep 2006, 13:35
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New Design of Alternate Solenoid Cooling Channel for Neutrino Factory


New design of an alternate solenoid cooling channel 155 m long for the
muon collider/neutrino factory is considered. Accelerating cavities
201 MHz,15 MeV/m are placed in solenoids of 71 cm radius. Field correcting
solenoids of 18 cm radius are located inside of the main solenoids and used
for a fast flip of the magnetic field.The cooling is provided by liquid
hydrogen absorbers placed inside the correcting solenoids. Magnetic field
is about 3.5 T on the axis, and does not exceeds 5.73 T on the coils of the
main solenoids and 7.75 T on correcting ones. Fast flip of the magnetic
field significantly weakens all betatron resonances, and a choice of
specific parameters of the correcting solenoid allows to fully suppress the
most dangerous resonances. With the pre-cooling channel described in [2],
the system provides about 0.1 cooled muon per incident proton at normalized
transverse emittance about 3 mm.

Revision 1. I apologize for a misprint on p.6: aclually all the calculations
are performed at j1=+/-218.8 A/mm^2. I am grateful to Dr. Chun-xi Wang who
poined out this error.

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